Our School Trip to Dublin May 2018


Extracts reported by students of 4th, 3rd and 2nd


“We took off from Geneva and flew to Zurich on the way there, coming back we stopped over in Munich. I really enjoyed the trip because the city is so beautiful.”

“We took a bus trip and saw a magnificent lake and mountains. Later we visited a big village called Kilkenny, it was amazing and the shops were great. The trip was tiring but fun.”

“During the trip to Dublin we ate very good food at great restaurants. On the first night we ate at a place called The Church, the food and setting was brilliant.”

"The archaeology museum was opened in 1890, there are lots of paintings and statues of Egypt, Ireland and Rome.”

“On Monday in Saint Stephen’s Green we saw the Famine Memorial, created by Edward Dalaney in 1967, I was really impressed by this and took lots of photos.”

“Saint Stephen’s Green was a nice park that we visited on the first day, it was very beautiful and full of trees, and there was a big pond in the middle of it. I really loved the trip. I learnt loads and I’m looking forward to going on the next one”

“One night we ate at the Arlington hotel and watched their traditional Irish show. There was a band of guitarists, a violin (which is called a fiddle in Ireland) and a great singer. There were four dancers who danced traditional Irish dancing and we had a fun evening there.”

“Personally I loved the Jeanie Johnston visit and found it very interesting. We visited it on Wednesday, the day of our departure. The Jeanie Johnston was a “coffin” ship as they were known at that time, it transported people to America during the Great Famine in the 19th century. It is famous because not one person died aboard. It transported 2,500 people and crossed the Atlantic sixteen times.”

“We went on the Viking Splash tour – an amphibian bus. We all wore a Viking helmet and we learned that they didn’t really have horns. We called out to tourists and it was fun! Then we went into the water with the bus and the guide told us all about the buildings and the history. I appreciated the trip because we had a chance to see the city in our free time and I really enjoyed the Viking Splash tour."

“In Dublin there are loads of shops, and lots of souvenir and food shops too, I spent most money on food! I enjoyed Dublin and the people are really friendly”.

“We went to Trinity College, the oldest and biggest university in Dublin, we saw a statue of a globe made of metal, and we could turn it, I slipped when I tried. The guide told us the history of the place and we visited an enormous library – it was breath-taking! I appreciated the trip because it was my first trip with my school friends and I had always wanted to visit Ireland. The Irish people are very smiley and positive, and yes, some of them have red hair!”

The Students of 4th , 3rd & 2nd.